I was a Michigan High School Assistant Wrestling coach who was given the task of keeping the stats for our team. The person doing the stats before me did it with pencil and paper, and then eventually used a computer spreadsheet for some calculations.  This wasn't too bad except when it came to generating the season summary.

Anyone that has filled out that form knows how time consuming it can be--I couldn't believe the information required for each match for each wrestler.  Then when you make a mistake, you need to start over.  How could any coach keep up?

When I started, I thought there would be a lot of computer programs out there.  I was unable to find one to do everything I needed--so I wrote one (Iím a computer programmer when Iím not coaching). A few coaches saw my printouts from my program and they wanted to purchase it.  The program called "MATCHstats  has gone through many updates based on feedback from wrestling coaches.

Because you are buying this from a person, not an organization, you communicate directly with the person who wrote the program.  All of your ideas are welcome and encouraged.

MATCHstats was created for the wrestling coach who wants to spend more time coaching, but still have the same benefit of the stats
1.  Keeps track of all stats for each wrestler

2.  Produce Leader Boards:  Who has the most takedowns? Who is getting taken down the most?

3.  A team summary of your team showing Name, Grade, Wins, Losses, and Pins.  Great for faxing to the local newspapers for the Honor Roll listings

4.  Season summary form printed off when you want it
What MATCHstats can do:
More information about "MATCHstats":

Easy to use
The screens look like the wrestling scorebook. This is easy to use, and stats can be done one match at a time, if that is all the time you have. Stats can be input in any order…by weight, by wrestler, by date, etc. Can be used by your entire High School program-freshman, JV, Varsity, etc. without extra costs. One license covers your whole school.

Trial version
The trial version is available.  With the trial version, you can enter all of your stats into the database, however reports will not be fully fucntional.  The trial version allows you to "try it before you buy it".